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Gym & Tumble

From Cartwheels to Layouts, TC Gymnastics focuses on individual skills in a group setting.

Be sure to check the prerequisites before registering for a tumbling class.

Recreational Gymnastics - includes floor tumbling, beam, bar, and air track based skill work and focuses on FUNdamentals!  Ages 1-teen. 


Each level will focus on the skills below plus many others.  To qualify for the following level, an assessment is required. 

🟡YELLOW  Handstands, Cartwheels, Rolls      

🟢GREEN Backbends, Limbers, Round Offs

🔴RED Walkovers 

🟣PURPLE Handsprings 

🔵BLUE Combinations & Power 

⚫BLACK  Aerials, Tucks

Other Programs offered:

  • Parent Tot - super fun parent supported class!  Ages 1-4

  • Cheer Tumbling - perfecting skills required by cheerleaders

  • Private Lessons - - Get help 1 on 1 with specific skills with your favourite instructor!

Sport Cheer

Cheer today is a sport that incorporates acrobatics, tumbling, dance, performance and more!

What we offer:​


    • Available in Spring and Summer​

    • Once a week, and usually on Sale!

    • Great starter program!


    • Once per week practice

    • Seasons: Sep to Dec,  Jan to Apr

    • Beginners Divisions​

    • Perform at 1 Showcase and 1 Competition

  • PREP

    • Invitational Competitive​

    • 2 times per week

    • Invites are sent to those who have completed minimum 1 Novice season


    • Invitational Competitive​

    • 3 times per week

    • Teams & Programs for Levels 1 to 3 

  • OPEN

    • Birth year 2009 or older​

    • Level 3, Non-Tumbling

  • MASTERS (Parent Friendly)​​

    • Level 2, Non-Tumbling​

    • Ages 19+

  • SOLO / DUO

    • An opportunity for individual and small groups to shine!​

    • Applications open in September


Our experienced coaches and custom built structures challenge athletes of all levels and ages.  The ultimate goal - creating amazing flow and skill, and translating that into an outstanding performance at Jams and Competitions (in a regular season).

Our program incorporates skills and training including Parkour, Flips and Tricks, Freerunning, and Ninja.

Ages 3 to adult!

  • Parkour: Combination program of Parkour, Freerunning, and more combined in one class with a Levelled curriculum! Running, climbing,  swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, tricks, challenges, flipping, and so much more! Ages 6-adult

    • Level 1: Teaching the important foundations of parkour

    • Advanced: Level 2,3,4 - building on those foundations with a leveled curriculum. 

  • Ninja Kids - this is a great busy movement class that combines some basics of parkour, game play, tag challenges, and gymnastics. LOTS of fast paced movement and learning balance and coordination - a great addition to you schedule!  Ages 3+

  • Flips & Tricks - bringing the world of flips / tricking into your parkour practice! from very beginner to advanced

  • Private Lessons - Get help 1 on 1 with specific skills with your favourite instructor!

Winning is something, but participation is everything

~Debasish Mridha


Spring, Summer, Pro D days and more, Tumble City has the best active camps!  Fun days filled with activities, lessons, games, outings, friends, and more!

Choose From:

  • Parkour and Ninja

  • Cheer and Tumbling

  • All In One


One of our most popular programs!  From birthdays to sports team wrap ups, our parties are a hit! 

  • Choose your main theme like Parkour or Cheernastics

  • Add on extras like Dance Parties, Nerf Wars, and more

School Programs

We offer amazing field trips and day programs for schools, preschools, and clubs!

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance may be available to you for any of our programs, classified as "Gymnastics" for parkour and tumbling, and "Cheerleading" for all cheer programs. 

To apply using the links below:


KidSport / ​Canadian Tire Jump Start​ / Athletics for Kids (A4K) 


Confirmation of applications must be sent to 

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed 

~Maya Angelou

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