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7840-7848 Edmonds Street

Our Burnaby location has doubled in size!


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A well-equipped, 5000 sf facility. Conveniently located on Edmonds Street, and is bright, clean and welcoming.  This location has plenty of classes, camps, parties, and other awesome programs to choose from.

It's a great place to make friends, learn new skills and have a party ! 

Cheer / Gymnastics Facility:

  • over 2000 sq ft spring floor with carpet foam top

  • 25' air track

  • Floor Beams and Single Bars

  • Many Gymnastics apparatus

  • Reception area with cubbies and benches, party area, clothing store, and more!

Parkour Facility:

  • over 2000 sq ft safety matted floor

  • Access to Gymnastics apparatus and plenty of safety crash mats

  • Lache bars, angle walls, many vaults of various sizes, Ninja wall, TicTacs, Windows, and Pre Blocks

  • Varying heights of structures

  • More structures and bars coming in Q1 2024!

  • Reception, party area, and clothing store

Click INFO / REGISTER for class information


Drive thru: during classes only (does not include parties or special events)

1111 C Austin Ave

Closing Permanently June 26, 2024

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